Livingstones Curio Market

Livingstones Curio Market

Livingstone District Commissioner, Omar Munsanje, is optimistic that the construction of a two-storey modern market in the tourist capital will be completed before the August 2013 United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly.



More than KR30 million is required to complete the town center market, also known as Zimbabwe Market.

Once completed, the market would have 200 shops on the first and second floors, while the ground floor would accommodate about 180 small-scale traders.

Mr. Munsanje said construction works were progressing well and could be completed before August, this year.

He said the tourist capital would have a new market by July or early August.

“Looking at the scope of works after my inspection last week, I am made to believe that the construction of the market will be completed before the UNWTO conference.

 Fast facts for Livingstone market:
 Cost  More than KR30 million
 What it would contain  200 shops (first & second floors)180 small scale traders (ground floor)
 Completed by  July – early August


“The constructor has just completed laying the foundation and will next week start erecting steel poles,” Mr. Munsanje said.

He said public lavatories at Mukuni Park, town center market, bus station and at the Victoria Falls border would be completed by the end of next month.

In a separate interview, consortium architect and project manager Elias Simbeye called for extra funding if the project was to be completed by August, this year.

”There is need for extra funding from the Livingstone City Council because we need to buy terrazzo, ceilings, aluminium and we also need to install cold rooms as well as lifts,” he said.


By: Andrew Phiri

Date: 2 June 2013