canoe 2The Siavonga Canoe Challenge is an event designed to promote Siavonga as a tourist destination and create an exciting spectator event drawing many tourists to the town.



The first Siavonga Canoe Challenge took place in 2008 and attracted 18 teams from all over Zambia. The event was a resounding success and as a result it was decided to make this an annual event for Siavonga.

The event was adopted by Zambia Breweries in 2009 and renamed the MOSI Canoe Challenge 2009. This event attracted 22 teams and substantial media coverage including ZNBC, Radio Phoenix, Muvi TV, and several National newspapers.

In 2010 the event was combined with the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the building of the Dam Wall (Lake Kariba) and it was adopted by MTN and called the MTN Canoe Challenge 2010. Again, this was a resounding success and attracted almost a thousand visitors to Siavonga and increased media coverage.

Due to logistical reasons and the unavailability of canoes (many borrowed from tour operators in Livingstone) the event was unable to be staged in 2011 and 2012.

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However, we are proud to announce that the Siavonga Canoe Challenge is back thanks to the support of Gwabi River Lodge and Drifters Safaris who have offered the use of their Canoes.



Siavonga Canoe Challenge 2013 will take place on Saturday 15th June 2013. The cost for the entry of a team is KR3,000 The money will be used for logistical costs, charity donations (KR10,000) and to help promote Siavonga as a Tourist Destination.

This is a non-profit making event and any money left over after costs and charity monies are paid out will go to the Siavonga Tourism & Business Development Association to help promote the town of Siavonga. You are invited to sponsor this event by entering a team of paddlers to compete.

In return for entering a team, your company will receive a huge advertising boost by being able to display banners and posters at Start and Finish Line at Eagles Rest Beach and at the Prize Giving Dinner. The mass media such as ZNBC, Muvi TV, Phoenix Radio, National News Papers and International Magazines will be covering the Event. The exposure your Company will receive will be considerable and you will also help to promote Siavonga as a tourist destination. The event is also a great team building exercise for your staff members that will create camaraderie and team spirit.

In order to involve the local community, each team will consist of 3 paddlers, two nominated by you and one local member of the community selected by your team on the day. The local member of the team will not only provide additional energy and stamina, but also provide local knowledge of the route and of Siavonga.

 Fast facts about the Siavonga Canoe Challenge:  
 Date of Challenge this year  15th June 2013
 Cost per team  KR3000
 Purpose of the Challenge  Charity and promoting Siavonga
 Year the Challenge start  2008


Whilst the event is a canoe race, the first home is not necessarily the winner. The teams will race from Eagles Rest Beach to Lake Kariba Inns where they will begin to search for hidden objects and other information from clues given to them at the start of the race. The teams will be awarded points for the time taken to complete the course and also for the number of clues solved.

Included in your team entry fee is camping space at Eagles Rest for your team members (they will need to bring a tent and bedding), two breakfasts, one lunch, two dinners, and a t-shirt and cap printed with your company name.

We hope that you will consider entering a team for this great event and help us to promote Siavonga.

In addition, if your Company would like to adopt the Canoe Challenge, as did Zambia Breweries and MTN for the 2009 and 2010 events, then you may do so by offering an additional amount as sponsorship. We will run this sponsorship as an auction and the Company with the highest bid will be allowed to adopt the event and advertise it as the “Your Company Name” Canoe Challenge 2013.

canoe 3In view of the time frame, the closing date for adoption bids will be the 30th May 2013. This will enable us to change the advertising to promote your Company as sponsor.



Should you wish to enter a team or become a major sponsor, please email the Association at

From: thelivingstoneweekly

By: Gill Staden

Date: 26 May 2013