angola botswana flagAngolan citizens can now enter Botswana without a visa, says a press note released by the Angolan Embassy to the southern Africa country saying that the process started in March this year.

Angola is part of 10 countries that benefit from visa exemption on the ordinary, service and diplomatic passports, under an amendment of immigration law issued by Botswana.

Apart from Angola, other countries include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Cuba, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, South Sudan, Turkey, Brazil and Portugal.

The list includes member countries of the Commonwealth, with the exception of Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and another 43 states.

Fast facts about Visas:  
Visa (latin word: charta visa) means Paper that has been seen
Generally necessary after World War I (1914 – 1918)
Generally 3 Categories: A–Do not require a visa

B–Require visas, but can collect upon entry

C–Require visas, have to apply before travelling



Date: 21 May 2013