Victoria Falls Airport

Victoria Falls Airport

The government says it is working on modalities that will see the resort town of Victoria Falls being accorded the cyber city status by the 24th of this month, to enable it to meet UNWTO standards of conducting the forthcoming General Assembly on soft copies.



The initiative is being taken to cater for the expected increase in air traffic after the expansion of Victoria Falls International Airport project has been completed as well as the anticipated congestion on the internet hotspots available in the resort town.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister, Engineer Walter Mzembi said the cyber city status is an initiative which will enable internet users to access it for free from any part of the town.

He said that his ministry is working with enabler ministries to ensure that the project is fully functional ahead of the UNWTO General Assembly which has been declared a paperless conference.

“In fact there won’t be shuffling of paper. Delegates will be using Ipads from their work stations and debating from their own information technology gadgets.

“It was tried in Kazakhstan in 2009 and perfected also in South Korea and we are running with it here in Zimbabwe,” he said.

The new status will also see Victoria Falls being accorded an International Finance Status which means that international currencies can be banked in the town.

Meanwhile, Livingstone will be on the high speed mobile technology 4G and they are already working to make sure they harmonise that system with the cyber city status in terms of Information Technology development.

The Victoria Falls cyber city status will be unveiled to the UNWTO Secretary General Mr Talib Rifai at the 96th session of the UNWTO Executive Council meeting in Serbia at the end of this month.

 Fast Facts about the Internet:
 4G  System provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access
 Internet users in the world  Africa – 7 %
 Amount of emails sent every second  2.8 million
 Amount of Google searches in a minute  Approx. 694 445
 Amount of Internet users around the world  Approx. 2.4 billion
 Amount of pictures are uploaded on Facebook in an hour  10.5 million
 Amount of videos uploaded to Youtube every minute  600



Date: 13 May 2013