Adventure World Travel Summit 2013The Adventure Travel World Summit scheduled to take place in Windhoek and Swakopmund from 26 to 31 October this year, will undoubtedly be the biggest marketing effort the country will embark on and the first time it will be hosted in Africa. The summit brings together decision makers of the global tourism industry, as well as travel enthusiasts keeping abreast of current tourism trends.

“We are extremely pleased and proud to be hosting this prestigious event and look forward to being able to show many new people in the industry exactly what makes Namibia so special and sought after,” said Chantal Matthee of the Namibia Tourism Board.

According to Sem Shikongo, Director of Tourism at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism who is part of the organizing committee, the Summit is not about making money and making profit but should be about marketing the country. “We must not see the summit as a basis of cost recovery but see it as the biggest marketing effort our country is taking in terms of who we are, what we have to offer and how we will receive the participants as our guests,” said Shikongo.

He says all Pre-Summit and 2 Day Adventures that were submitted were reviewed and successful candidates have already been notified. At least 550 participants have since registered to take part in the summit since the online portal where participants can register and book for the summit became active on 1 April 2013.

 Fast Facts about Namibia:
 Namibia Independence  1990
 Amount of land under Conservation in Namibia  Approx. 44%
 Number of Namibians participating in the  conservancy movement  One in Four
 Number of Communal Conservancies  76
 Population  Approx. 2 150 000
 Area of Namibia  825 418 sq. km
 Density  2.54 per sq. km


“We are proud to announce that the country now has 44% conservancy coverage which is a very big achievement that every Namibian should be proud of,” said Shikongo. He added that although not every conservancy will be visited by the participants, the summit should not be seen as a competition and urged all conservancies to offer support to one another and work together.” The idea is for us to learn from these participants who will visit our country and are equipped with knowledge of the tourism industry. We can all exchange ideas on how to make our businesses more profitable and how to market them to the high standards,” Shikongo highlighted.

Amongst the participants are 25 journalists from around the world who will also attend the summit. Pre-summit adventure itineraries are 41 and 24 companies have proposed for the 2 Days of Adventure with one overnight in the field whilst 20 joint venture lodges will be visited as well as 19 conservancies. In true public-private partnership style, corporate sponsors such as FNB, Standard Bank and Bannerman Resources have all joined the sponsorship boat. Bannerman Resources sponsored 3 conservancies to attend the summit, namely Uibasen Conservancy, George Mupaya Conservancy and Okandumba Conservancy.

adventure travel trade association

The event is organised by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), a global membership organisation consisting of 700 people representing tour operators, destination marketing organisations, tourism boards, speciality travel agents, guides, accommodations, members of the media as well as service providers.


The Adventure Travel World Summit 2013 delegates will begin their Namibian adventure in the capital city, Windhoek for the first opening event on Saturday, 26th October. The Days of Adventure will be Sunday through Monday, with the second opening night in Swakopmund. Summit Sessions and Marketplace will take place in Swakopmund from Tuesday to Thursday, with busses transferring delegates back to Windhoek on Friday, 1 November.

“The conference is set to provide an excellent and extensive marketing platform for Namibia, as it will attract tourism executives from around the world who specialise in adventure tourism, which includes nature, wildlife, volunteer tourism, adventure sports and ecotourism,” said a statement by Namibia Tourism.


By: Hilma Hashange

Date: 13 May 2013