mapOne of the best hunting blocks, according to hunting websites for Botswana, is Concession NG35. This block circles Shorobe, lying south of Moremi Game Reserve. Now that hunting will end in Botswana this year, the government is keen to provide work for the people and, of course, to earn an income for itself.

In the reviewed Maun Development Plan, part of NG35 is set aside as a Maun Eco-Tourism Park. The park will include a wildlife orphanage, a research institute and accommodation facilities.

The park will mean the re-alignment of the Buffalo Fence, taking it south, one assumes, to allow wildlife to move into the area. It is this that is causing problems for the local communities living in and around NG35.

Several homesteads will have to be moved out of the area – 78 households with 900 cattle, 627 goats and 221 donkeys. As we know, the people of Botswana love their cattle and the farmers are also concerned about Foot and Mouth spreading to their herds once the buffalo are allowed to move.

Development for all African countries is a tough one with the city-dwellers being able to see the benefits for the people and the economy, but the villagers, mostly older and still in their traditions ways, not understanding and wanting to continue as they always have done.

The debate will rage on for some time, it seems, and there will have to be compromises on both sides.

Fast Facts about Moremi Game   Reserve:
Area of the Reserve Approx. 5000 sq. km
Area of Mainland in the Reserve 30%
Number of species of birds Approx. 500
Peak Game viewing time July to October


From:  thelivingstoneweekly

By: Gill Staden

Date: 12 May 2013