nsongwe 1Tokaleya tribal residents of Nsongwe Village, near Livingstone, Zambia, have improved their lives now that electricity has arrived in the village and has been installed in the school and clinic buildings. It will immediately improve the healthcare and education of the residents of Nsongwe and attract and retain teachers at the school by improving their living and working conditions.



In September 2012, the community received the necessary funds donated through Overland Missions, and the Zambia Electric Supply Company (ZESCO) was contracted to extend electric power to the village.

The villagers were motivated to be part of the project by donating their crafts and working together to prioritize and coordinate the projects. Crafts were sold by American and South African volunteers on behalf of the villagers.

The village formed a sustainability committee (NSUDECO). NSUDECO was coached to look to their external stakeholders to get support to improve their village. These stakeholders included the department of Education, Health and the Zambian Environment Management Agency. NSUDECO is looking after the future of Nsongwe.

The village now has more than twinkling stars to light up their nights. The children can read in the school and do their homework and the sick can be treated other than by torchlight.

The electricity connection was expensive and relied on donations of many kinds from many people. The whole project, though, was pushed through by Bridget and Bob Meyer. Bridget was born in Nsongwe and wanted to help her family and friends. Living near Nsongwe on a farm, Bridget has lots more plans…

Meanwhile, now that they have power, the people of the village celebrated with an electric band.

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From: thelivingstoneweekly

By: Gill Staden

Date: 12 May 2013