elephant 1The elephants are on their way back to the Zambezi River. The hinterland is drying up and the elephants need water… and lots of it.



They have found one herd by the Maramba Bridge which is one of their favourite spots for entertaining Livingstonians and visitors. They were really pleased to see that all the cars and bicycles stopped and enjoyed the spectacle. Even the police at the road block seemed happy to see them.

elephant 2


“When I first went to Livingstone there were no elephants, we now have hundreds in and around Livingstone” says Gill Staden.

”We love them.”



 Fast Facts about the African Elephant:  
 Elephants trunk muscles  150 000 Muscle fascicles
 Elephants trunk strength  Can lift up to 350 kilograms
 Number of teeth  Usually 26
 Tusks growth rate  17 centimetres / year
 Elephants skin  2.5 centimetres thick
 Top running speed  18 km / hr.
 Eating  150 kilograms of food / day
 Drinking  50 litres of water / day


elephant 3







From: thelivingstoneweekly

By: Gill Staden

Date: 12 May 2013