Rubenstein Public Relations (RPR) have launched a new company program that will provide pro bono communications services on behalf of highly-regarded nonprofit organizations around the world, one of them being  the African Lion & Environmental Research Trust (ALERT), a lion conservation and restoration charity located in Zambia, Africa.

African Lion & Environmental Research Trust (ALERT

African Lion & Environmental Research Trust (ALERT

ALERT is dedicated to providing conservation services to African lions in order to help protect the animals and their natural habitat. Through a holistic approach, recognizing that Africa’s environment depends upon socioeconomic, legal, and political factors, ALERT aims to help others realize the species’ potential to provide substantial cultural, ecological, and economic benefits.

RPR is helping this cause through a three month pro bono public relations program focused on attracting the attention of policy makers, researchers, and business leaders to support ALERT’s mission, as well as to unite communities in the United States and Africa to create viable solutions for Africa’s lion population. RPR is committed to supporting Africa’s wildlife and the symbiotic relationship between Africa’s lions and the delicate ecosystems on which they rely.

RPR will also help to create awareness surrounding the first World Lion Day on August 10, 2013. This event will celebrate the global heritage of the lion and their importance to nations and cultures worldwide symbolically, historically, economically, biologically, and religiously.

“We are proud to be launching our pro bono program with ALERT, as we feel it is vital to mobilize communities around the world to support Africa’s ecosystems,” explains RPR President Richard Rubenstein. “With the help of ALERT’s management team, we believe we can drive awareness for the organization and empower people to protect and restore Africa’s endangered wildlife.”

 Fast Facts   about African Lions:
 Number of African Lions today  Approx.   32 000
 Number of African Lions 40 Years Ago  Approx.   200 000
 Latin Name  Panthera Leo
 Type  Mammal
 Weight  120 to 191 kilograms
 Size of its Head and Body  1.4 meters to 2 meters
 Length of its Tail  67 – 100 centimeters


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By: Rubenstein PR

Date: 6 May 2013