BATTLE FOR THE PRESIDENT’S ELEPHANTS is the title of Sharon Pincott’s latest book. ALL THE PRESIDENT’S ELEPHANTS is the one-hour multi-Award-nominated ‘Natural History Unit Africa’ documentary, filmed in 2011, featuring Sharon’s decade of work and incredible relationship with The Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe:



“A controversial president, an outspoken Australian & 450 elephants”







What makes a jet-setting ‘power-blonde’ business executive from Queensland, Australia, ditch her sports car, friends and material possessions to pursue a precarious life in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe – as caretaker of the ‘Presidential Herd’ of elephants?

Sharon Pincott, despite harassment, physical abuse and accusations of being a spy, has formed one of the most remarkable relationships between humans and wild elephants ever documented. She breaks all the rules of wildlife observation when she reaches out and touches Lady, one of the Presidential Herd’s matriarchs. The dramatic, but inspiring, story of Lady and the 450-strong elephant herd unfolds to reveal the emotions of these giants. But the herd is under threat. In desperation, Sharon seeks an audience with Robert Mugabe to convince him to reaffirm the 21-year-old Presidential Decree that protects this extraordinary herd of wild elephants.

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This highly acclaimed documentary (South African Film & Television Award nominations 2013 – Best TV Wildlife Program, Best Director, Best Editor AND Best Cinematographer) is available for purchase on DVD from Please direct other purchasing/distribution inquiries to

Both of Sharon’s books – THE ELEPHANTS AND I (2009, reprinted 2009) & BATTLE FOR THE PRESIDENT’S ELEPHANTS (2012, reprinted 2013) – are available online, with FREE WORLD-WIDE DELIVERY, from the very reliable

They’re also available from other sites such as – and from Exclusive Books and CNA bookshops throughout South Africa. (If temporarily out of stock, just ask CNA or Exclusive Books to order copies in for you.)

Tourists transiting Johannesburg in South Africa will find them in the various bookshops in the Departures Lounge of Johannesburg International Airport. In Zimbabwe, you’ll find copies in Harare, at the WEZ shop at Mukuvisi Woodlands and in several suburban book and gift shops such as Avondale and Doon Estate.

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Date: 8 May 2013