The Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations (Fenata) has been reconstituted by its members and rebranded as Fenata Tourism.


Fenata Tourism will now operate as a voluntary association. Its main objectives are:

•To act as the voice of the industry in Namibia in respect of common matters and issues in order to promote and foster the sound development of sustainable tourism in the country;

•To lobby the Government of Namibia on tourism-related issues, especially the relevant Ministries, for the establishment and proper running of tourism structures, bodies and institutions within the country;

•To work closely with the Namibian Tourism Board to advance the common interest and mutual benefit of all those involved in the industry in Namibia;

•To promote the common interests of members and to generate understanding among the general public on all issues related to tourism and the importance thereof;

•To assist in generic advertising of Namibia as a quality tourism destination in order to promote both the interests of members and of the country as a whole;

•To promote and participate actively in national efforts and strategies to combat crime, especially where this affects tourists, and to help create a secure environment to the benefit of all;

•To liaise and co-operate with members of similar associations and organisations across the world to promote tourism in Namibia, and

•To disseminate and distribute information to its members in order to keep them abreast of existing and new legislation as well as environmental issues and other matters of common interest and/or other matters of common interest.


A new executive committee was elected under the leadership of ;

Chairman: Ruddie Putter.

Vice-Chair: Ally Karaerua,

Treasurer: Jürgen Rannersman

Secretary: Meke Imbili.

All of above appointments are for a two-year term.


From: www.tourismupdate.co.za

Date: 7 April 2013