Roaring with pride series

Roaring with pride series


ROARING WITH PRIDE series on Animal Planet starting this Monday 6th at 20:05 and playing each night for 6 nights in a row.



Brand new series, ‘Roaring With Pride’ follows the work of the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust to increase the rapidly declining lion population in Africa. Join ALERT as they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that releasing captive bred prides back into the wild is indeed realistic, and follow the successful implementation of this challenging project whilst witnessing the very first successful lion pride relocation. Explore this engaging reality documentary focussing on stage two of this ground-breaking project, and spend a year with a pride of 12 lions that have been released into a wildlife reserve with no human contact. Now in stage two, the cubs are completely wild and have begun a normal and natural wild life. The 11 month cub has already begun to successfully hunt and the 10 week old cubs are learning new skills every day. Catch all the action and observe the daily duties of the volunteers and lion researchers. Can Africa roar with pride once again?

Episode Region: Africa. Channel: 183 – Animal Planet on DSTV
1 6 May 2005h 7 May 0125h 7 May 0905h 7 May 1340h 11 May 2005h 12 May 0125h
2 7 May 2005h 8 May 0125h 8 May 0905h 8 May 1340h 12 May 2005h 13 May 0125h
3 8 May 2005h 9 May 0125h 9 May 0905h 9 May 1340h
4 9 May 2005h 10 May 0125h 10 May 0905h 10 May 1340h
5 10 May 2005h 11 May 0125h 13 May 0905h 13 May 1340h
6 13 May 2005h 14 May 0125h 14 May 0905h 14 May 1340h


From: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 6 May 2013