Airline bookings using your smartphone becoming the new trend

Airline bookings using your smartphone becoming the new trend

The behaviour of travellers who book their trips using desktop computers and laptops differs significantly from travellers who book via their mobile phones, according to’s latest study of airline ticket booking trends among travellers with smartphones.’s data is based on a sampling of mobile bookings made earlier this year after the Priceline app added the ability to book round-trip and one-way domestic and international airline tickets.

“Mobile-equipped consumers are what we call ‘untethered’ travellers,” said’s Brian Ek.  “They like to create their travel experiences on the fly, rather than stick to itineraries planned far in advance.  Hotels are typically chosen closer to check-in day (even on the same day), and many bookings are made while on the road or after arrival in town.”

The study found that mobile travel bookers averaged 32 years of age, six years younger than the average desktop air booker. The study also found that almost half of mobile air bookers booked one-way tickets, and found they paid less for their tickets (average $283) compared with desktop users (average $315).


Date: 26 April 2013