Kuomboka Ceremony zambia

ROYAL barge ‘Nalikwanda’ sails away from Lealui to Limilunga during the Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi speaking people of Western Province. – Picture by BRIAN MALAMA.

What looked like a dot floating on the mighty Zambezi River kilometres away soon turned out to be the Nalikwanda, the royal barge from which the Litunga emerged, marking the crescendo of a ceremony full of reverence. 





Dressed immaculately in a royal outfit, the Litunga walked side-by-side with Vice-President Guy Scott and proceeded to the pavilion as the frenzy heightened at Nayuma Harbour in Limulunga.

The rhythms of the royal drums and piercing voices from some women added to the fun of the ceremony as tourists, local and foreign, watched in utter awe before darkness swallowed up everyone.

Dr Scott, his wife Charlotte, and some ministers joined in the specialised dance, glossing it all as hundreds of people could not hold back their excitement at the sight of the Vice-President dancing.

Earlier, hundreds of people clad in misisi, red caps called mashushu and liziba flocked to Lealui to witness the Litunga get on his royal barge to embark on the journey to Limulunga.

From: www.daily-mail.co.zm


Date: 21 April 2013