20130313_123131In the last few years the Livingstone Airport in Zambia, close to Victoria Falls has undergone a major refurbishment along with the complete construction of a new international terminal.  According to the airport manager, Mr. Joseph Mumbi the new terminal is set be open for business by the 30th of June 2013.

Mr. Mumbi says that the new terminal building will cater for international passengers only, whilst the old wing will process passengers that arrive and depart to destinations within Zambia.  The new terminal will be able to process up to one million passengers per year.  The building has two levels, a ground floor and an upper floor, with a total area of 11,852 square metres.    State of the art departure and arrivals halls have been constructed in line with international standards.  The departure hall will have 12 dedicated check-in counters to allow easy processing of passengers.

A lot of work has also been done to extend the apron where the aircrafts will park, but Mr. Mumbi says that at this stage air bridges have not been included, but it will only be matter of minutes to get from the plane to the new terminal.

In addition to the new terminal building and enlarged apron the runway at the airport has also been significantly extended, making it the longest in the Victoria Falls, Livingstone and Chobe region.  Large wide bodied aircraft will now easily be able to land here and Kenyan airways have already registered to fly in directly from Nairobi.

The whole project is a huge boost for Zambia and the Victoria Falls region as a whole.  The fact that it will be complete well before the UNWTO conference, due to be jointly held in Livingstone and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe in August 2013, will give enormous confidence to the diverse cross section of international delegates that will be travelling here over this period.  Beyond UNWTO the new airport and facilities are set to have a positive impact on the influx of tourists to the area that is home to one of the world’s natural wonders, the mighty Victoria Falls.


Opening Date 30th June 2013

Capacity: 1 Million passengers a year

Terminal area: 11852 sq. metres

Check-in counters: 12

Old airport will be converted into a domestic terminal and the international flights will then move to the new terminal.

Development of Livingstone Airport below:


































From: 7VictoriaFalls24

Date: 15 April 2013