Lets Explore Brand Zambian Tourist BoardTHE Zambia Tourist Board (ZTB) is now focusing on penetrating the vast and rich Chinese market for tourist arrivals.
ZTB managing director Felix Chaila said in an interview here yesterday that Zambia is now focusing its marketing on emerging markets like China and Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
Mr Chaila, who made a presentation at the Zambia-China Economic and Trade Forum, said ZTB is focusing on China because it is now the biggest source of tourists.
He said China is an unexplored market with a lot of potential and that Zambia has not marketed itself strongly in the country.
“China is now the biggest source of tourists…. they achieved that last year when they spent a staggering US$100 billion. Germany used to be number one but China has exceeded western nations,” Mr Chaila said.
He said the ZTB is not only marketing tourism investment at the forum but also tourism destinations.
“We have come with five Zambian tour operators who have packaged Zambia so that we can match them with their Chinese counterparts. We have invited 50 Chinese outbound operators to the forum. We expect this to result in actual arrivals,” Mr Chaila said.
He described the forum as an important platform for marketing Zambia’s tourism.
“This kind of platform is the first of its kind, drawn on the back of the presidential visit and it is important for marketing Zambia’s tourism in this vast and rich market,” he said.
The forum was organised by the Zambian embassy, China Non-Ferrous Metal Mining Company and the Zambia Development Agency.

From: www.daily-mail.co.zm


Date: 12 April 2013