golfIt has to be due to the fact that the international press has painted the picture that Zimbabwe is a complete basket case, that there seems to be a very misled perception of life in Zimbabwe.

Yes Zimbabwe has its problems and in all fairness has not achieved what it should have, mainly for the poorer sectors of the country in the last 10 years especially. However a visit to Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, will very quickly change ones lopsided perceptions and the individual will realise that the city is well ahead of 95% of cities in Africa in terms of what it can offer a foreign tourist.

Next weekend, Harare will host the Zimbabwe Open Golf Tournament at Royal Harare Golf Club. It will not enjoy the attendance of glitzy players’ names as it has in the years gone by but it will be a glitzy affair nonetheless.

The high standards set by the management of Royal Harare Golf Club are an example of some of the expertise that the country still enjoys and keeps the standards of this amazing country well above most of its peers.

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Rooneys tents at Royal Harare Golf Club below:


































By: 7Victoriafalls24

Date: 12 April 2013