bsIf you are planning on going on a safari to…

1. Chobe National Park

2. Savute…. or

3. Moremi Game Reserve

Here are some tips for you,

  • The roads in the Chobe National Park aren’t as bad as they were before, they are manageable. However this is the time when the soil is really soft so it’s really easy to get stuck in the sand. Deflating the tires a bit can help prevent getting stuck.
  • The waterholes in the park are getting dry and because of that many animals can be seen along the Chobe River drinking water by noon.
  • They aren’t that much animals to see in the morning, however you have a high chance of seeing lions in the morning
  • There is currently a male lion that can be found between Serondela and Ngoma. He has a bad temper and likes to mock and charge vehicles! It’s advisable to be seated when you see this male lion.
  • The Caprivi strip looks really great
  • By now there are no wet roads from Kachikau to Mababe gate
  • Driving in the Moremi is still a problem because of the flooding. There are many flooded roads in the game reserve and you will have to go from north gate to south gate if you are going to Xakanaxa or Thirdbrdge; which means you will need lots of extra fuel. That’s all I have for you for now. Godfrey goes on safari every week so he’ll keep us updated. Remember to return to the Botswana Tourism news page periodically to get updates. They can be really helpful if you have a safari planned in the near future.

With that said, happy safari planning 🙂


By: Zina

Date: April 2013