Photo by Jared Bombaci / UGC - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Photo by Jared Bombaci / UGC – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

THE Victoria Falls raised about Kr100, 000 during the Easter period in entry fees, reveals entry statistics.
And National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) acting senior conservation officer-cultural heritage Richard Mbewe says there is an increase by Zambians visiting tourism and heritage sites.
According to a summary of visitors statistics for the Easter period from March 29 to April 1, a total of 600 adult tourists entered the gates of Zambia’s only World Heritage Site at a kwacha fee equivalent of US$20 while 7,145 Zambian adults visited the waterfalls at an entry fee of Kr7.
However for group entries NHCC gave out entry rebates to some organised groups such as school visitations.
The statistics show that 30 foreign children visited the Victoria Falls at a fee equivalent to US$10 during the period, while 1,016 Zambian children visited the site at a fee of K3.5.
This statistical data gives the NHCC US$1200 and US$300 for entry fees for foreign adults and children respectively while a total of KR50,015 was raised from Zambian adults and Kr3,556 from Zambian children, adding up to a total of Kr119,991.
And Mbewe said this year’s visitations to the World Heritage Site went up by 32 per cent from last year’s figures.
“Last year we had about over 6,000 but this year we have a total of 8,791 having entered the gates of the Victoria Falls.
“A lot of people we talked to said they wanted to see what was happening in Livingstone (in reference to the UNWTO preparations) and we also gave out entry rebates to some big local groups, so this can be attributed to the UNWTO or the fact that Zambians were now better motivated and this has been a trend at other sites as well as our colleagues in Kasama say they also recorded a big number of local tourists,” Mbewe said.
The Victoria Falls which will be the major attraction for most of the delegates to the UNWTO 20th general assembly to be held in August also recorded a Runner Rainbow visitation nights during Easter.

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By : Edwin Mbulo

Date : Fri 05 Apr. 2013