Many Victoria Falls residents would have already read the article on recycling,in the latest Zambezi Traveller.

For those that have not quite managed to see the article, as short resume” to get you all up to speed.  African Recycling Management in partnership with Victoria Falls Council and Delta Beverages are in the process of phasing in a recycling project at Victoria Falls and surrounding areas.

Some residents, Hotels and Lodges have already introduced recycling in their homes and establishments.  .For those still in the dark, can we please give it some thought and introduce internal control systems which will result in the following :-

1.  ALL CANS . Which includes, Soft Drinks, Beer and even Food Cans to be kept separate in a Bin Bag, Bin or even Cardboard Box.

2.   ALL PLASTIC ITEMS. Which includes, Water Bottles, Soft Drinks, Milk Bottles, Dishwashing Liquids, Ice Cream and all other similar Plastic Containers. Separated as above.

3.   ALL GLASS ITEMS.Wines, Beers, Spirits, Glass Jam or Fruit Jars of all colors shapes and sizes, ect . Separate as above.

4.   To avoid Possible Health Problems at the storage and Recycling Depot, where applicable, especially ”Food Containers” please take that extra minute and rinse out any  remains before disposal for Recycling.

In Co-operation with Victoria Falls Council we are working towards introducing a nominated day when only the above mentioned Recycled items will be collected.  You will be advised further information once all operating and logistical systems have been introduced.  All other collections by Council would remain in place as presently.  Any deliveries of the above mentioned Recycled items directed to the Town Waste Dump should now be diverted to the Storage and Recycling Depot situated 450 meters away from the Dump, along the same Road.  In order to avoid last minute problems could we all please start our Recycling as soon as it is practically possible. We are aiming to achieve a zero level of Recycled items at the Town Dump.

For those of you who may still have un-answered questions on this Project I am reachable on 0777747335.  Lets work together to achieve a cleaner, Healthier and Greener Victoria Falls.

Many thanks for your Co-operation and assistance.

Phil Palermo

African Recycling Management