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To Our Valued Friends and Clients of Chikwenya,

Firstly I would like to introduce myself I have been appointed General Manager of Chikwenya operations by HHK Safaris. My mandate is to ensure Chikwenya provides a high level of service and standard of accommodation. The Zambezi Valley is an extremely harsh environment in which to operate and it extracts a heavy toll on facilities and equipment. Maintaining Chikwenya is a full time job in itself.

Chikwenya is in urgent need of a facelift and I’m confident with the team we now have in place, I can successfully achieve my mandate to bring Chikwenya back into line as one of Zimbabwe’s premier up market safari lodges.  To this end I would like to apprise you of what has been achieved so far and other developments since opening the lodge two weeks ago.


We have employed new managers by the name of Charlie and Kathy Vice who have already taken up their position in Chikwenya. Charlie and Kathy have had experience developing and running a photographic lodge in Tanzania and together they make a good team. Kath is an amazing CHEF!! In addition we have taken on Claire Minter who also comes highly recommended for her organizational ability and people skills. Claire’s position is assistant manageress in charge of guest relations, activity coordination and general assistance. We all know and admire Kaz Dube who has renewed his contract with us as head guide. Our learner guide Paul Fouche has also joined our team.

I have recently spent a week in Chikwenya doing a full assessment of what is required to bring it back up to standard.  Apart from the general wear and tear there are three main areas of concern which need our immediate attention. These are 1) the decking and in particular the swimming pool and fireplace area 2) the vehicles and 3) the boats. We have already commenced refurbishment in all three these areas.


We have commenced re-decking the swimming pool and fireplace area with a synthetic composite which is non organic and therefore termite impervious. We will have the swimming pool section completed in time for Easter weekend while the lodge is fully booked. The fireplace area will be completed after Easter. My intention is to do one room at a time as funds permit. I will circulate pictures of the completed decking as soon as it’s finished. The decking has been done by Mark Turley

floor1Work in progress on our decking!!!












General maintenance

We have sent in a maintenance team comprising of an electrician, plumber, refrigeration technician and a carpenter. We have been working around the clock to have the lodge ready for full opening this weekend.

Friends we appreciate it that some of you have come back to us with constructive criticism and know that we will take all this into consideration. If you have any questions or queries concerning Chikwenya please feel free to contact me at any time. I intend to circulate a monthly newsletter on Chikwenya as to keep you all updated.


Tammy Burbidge