Dear All

As you are aware, we opened the floodgates on Sunday 17th March at 12 noon.  We hope that there wasn’t too much disturbance to your operations.  It is anticipated that the gates shall remain open for seven to 10 days.  We will advise you once we know the exact dates for closure.  We shall close the gates one at a time to give your operations a chance to adjust to the receding waters.

We welcome your feedback as it helps us to be responsive to your needs while continuing to manage and monitor the dam complex.  We look forward to our continued mutual co-operation.


Elizabeth M. Karonga

Public Relations & Communications Manager

Zambezi River Authority

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Zam Cell: +260 0977 318735

Direct Line +260 211 230551

Tel: +260 211 227971/3

Fax: +260 211 227498

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