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For the 2013 event, we have a brand new category – THE CORPORATE CHALLENGE.  13 – 17 June 2013.

Tired of seeing the ” racing snakes ” leave you in their dust ? Keen for some good , social competition, and a LOT of fun? Then enter a team, and compete with your peers.

Team options:

  • 1. Teams of 2 : compete in all three days for the event.
  • 2. Teams of 6: teams of 2 do one day each, and on their “off ” days, jump on the supporters bus and “motivate” your mates (or go and play some golf etc.).
  • 3. Teams must have AT LEAST ONE MEMBER per “day” from the competing COMPANY and, teams must ride together (e.g. you can invite your riding buddy to ride for your Company but, if you get Lance Armstrong to come as a ringer, he rides at YOUR pace)
  • 4. Mixed teams – e.g. male and female allowed.
  • 5. Invoices to the Company taking part, not individuals.

Prizes to be advised.

Now is your chance to show your Company MTB skills to the rest of the Companies out there!

For enquiries please contact: