pumping legs for water






  1. The ride will take place in the Main Camp area of Hwange National Park on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July.  On both days the ride will begin at 7:15 a.m. and should be finished by 2 p.m.  There will be a briefing at Main Camp on the evening of Thursday 25th July which all cyclists are expected to attend.
  2. Participation in the ride is subject to the cyclist: completing and submitting the registration form; paying an entry fee of USD150; and receiving confirmation from the Ride Secretary.  Registration forms and entry fees must be submitted before 9th July.
  3. The number of riders may have to be limited.  Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
  4. In addition to the entry fee participants are expected to seek sponsorship and to raise as much money as possible.
  5. All profits from the ride will go towards funding Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ)’s projects, and in particular the Hwange Game Water Supply Program.
  6. Completed registration forms may be emailed to the Ride Secretary, Adele Edwards (email pumpinglegs@gmail.com, mobile 0712 366917) and entry fees deposited into the WEZ bank account – details available on request.  Alternatively registration forms and entry fees may be handed in at The Battery Centre, 11th Avenue between G.Silundika and Fife Street, Bulawayo, c/o Mr Peter Ziz.
  7. Hand Over will take place at Busters Sports Club, Fairbridge Way, Bulawayo, on Monday 8th July 2013 between 17:00 and 18:30.
  8. All sponsorship forms and sponsorship money must be handed to the Ride Secretary before the start of the ride on Saturday 27.07.13.   Wherever possible riders are asked to deposit money into the WEZ bank account rather than bringing cash to Hwange.  Proof of deposits should be provided.
  9. WEZ will acknowledge receipt of all entry fees and sponsorship.
  10. Donations in kind, such as fuel, oil, tools, may be accepted but the donation must be approved by the Ride Committee, and a value agreed upon, prior to Hand Over.
  11. A floating trophy will be awarded, and a prize will be given to the cyclist who brings in the most sponsorship.  (Only money received by WEZ by 27.07.13 will be taken into account; money pledged but not yet received will not be taken into consideration).  There will be a number of other prizes.  Prize giving will take place on Saturday evening.
  12. Riders under the age of 10 will not be accepted.  Riders under the age of 16 must ride with a parent.
  13. Relay teams of two riders will be accepted but riders may only change over at designated points.  Both members of a relay team must complete a registration form and pay the entry fee of USD150. Each member of the relay team will be entitled to the same benefits as individual cyclists, e.g. meals and ride pack.
  14. Registration entitles participants to:
  • A meal on Saturday night
  • Breakfast (bacon & egg roll plus tea or coffee) on both Friday and Saturday mornings
  • Lunch (wors roll) on Friday, at Ngweshla, and Saturday, at Main Camp
  • Refreshments at Water Points
  • Ride pack including cycle shirt, T shirt, medal and certificate
  • Services of escort/support vehicles
  • Basic First Aid facilities if required

Registration does not cover any Parks fees for accommodation or entry.

Participants must make their own arrangements for accommodation.

  1. Non-participants may request meals (braai and/or breakfast and/or lunches).  These meals must be booked and paid for by Hand Over on 08.07.13.  To assist the caterers please indicate on the registration form the number of extra meals you may require, i.e. do not include requests for meals for riders, only for any family or support team members that may be accompanying you.  Prices will be reasonable.
  2. All participants must sign the indemnity on the registration form.  For participants under the age of 18 at the start of the ride the indemnity must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.



  1. You will be riding in a wildlife area.  Neither the individuals organizing the event, the Ride Organising Committee (ROC), Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, sponsors nor their employees can be held responsible for any injury or loss of life, or any loss or damage to any person or their property.
  2. Only mountain bikes may be used.  All bikes must be in good condition.
    1. All riders MUST wear approved helmets : no helmet, no ride.
  3. Cyclists must obey all Parks rules at all times with the exception that cyclists may ride on the designated route with the approved escorts.
  4. This is not a race.  For safety reasons we will be cycling in groups of 20 to 25 riders.  Each group will be accompanied by a leading and following vehicle with armed escorts.  Cyclists must remain within these groups at all times.
  5. Within each group one rider will be nominated as captain.  In all matters of safety and enforcing the rules of the ride the captain’s word will be final.  You will be riding in a wildlife area: all rules must be strictly adhered to.
  6. Wherever possible cyclists will be assigned to groups of comparable ability.  Cyclists must remain within their assigned group for the duration of the 2-day ride and may not swop to another group without the approval of the ride committee.  As it is essential for groups to remain together, any rider who, for any reason, is unable to keep up with the group will be required to retire immediately without compensation.
  7. Any cyclist who contravenes the rules of the ride, or Parks rules, or whose behaviour repeatedly jeopardizes the safety or enjoyment of the group, will be required to retire immediately without compensation.
  8. Any cyclist who requests to ride with a group of lower ability may only do so on the understanding that he/she will maintain the pace of that group.
  9. If at any time during the course of the ride you decide to pull out please make sure the officials are aware of your decision.
  10. Participants are required to make their own arrangements for transport to and from Main Camp.
  11. With the exception of the Day 1 finish, all rides will start and finish at Main Camp.

On Day 1 the ride will finish at Ngweshla picnic site which is 55km from Main Camp on a corrugated gravel road.  If possible riders should be accompanied by seconds who can assist with getting the rider and his/her bike back to Main Camp.  However transport will be available for those without seconds or without vehicles suitable for this road – if you require transport this must be stated on the Registration Form.  Please note that for the sake of the wildlife and the riders, we would like to keep the number of vehicles on the cycle route to a minimum and therefore appeal to support teams to either travel well ahead of the cyclists or to use the alternative route to Ngweshla via Manga.  Escort vehicles will be able to help any rider in need of assistance, so seconds should not be required en route.  Support vehicles will be expected to show due care and consideration if they have to overtake cyclists.  Bikes should be well secured for this trip.  The organizers cannot be held responsible for any damage to bikes.

  1. Please note that while ROC will arrange for basic first aid facilities to be available during the ride, and will render all possible assistance to any rider in need of medical attention, medical services are limited.  There are clinics at Main Camp and Dete and hospitals at Hwange (110km) and Bulawayo (290km).  If any rider has first aid or medical training and would be prepare to assist in the event of an emergency, please advise ROC.
  2. The organizers reserve the right to adjust the program and / or route at any time if safety and/or other conditions require.


If you are able to assist with an escort vehicle or escort driver, or if you can supply a bike transporter, or have place to offer another rider and/or his bike a lift back to Main Camp from Ngweshla – please notify the organizers.




The wildlife in Hwange National Park relies heavily on pumped water.  Over the years more than 50 pumped water points have been developed within the Park.  The Hwange Game Water Supplies Unit, which carries out repairs and maintenance to pumped pans, is a partnership between Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ), the Parks & Wildlife Management Authority (PWMA), Friends of Hwange Trust and Save Hwange Trust.    So far this season the Park has received good rains and there is water everywhere.  The vegetation has made a remarkable recovery and everything looks very different to the way it was in July 2012 at the time of our last ride.  However if the rains do not continue the situation can change very quickly, with pans soon drying up in the intense heat.  Besides, the plentiful rains do not mean an end to work for the Hwange Game Water Supplies Unit.  They merely give the Unit a chance to carry out some essential maintenance work, which there is never an opportunity to do under normal circumstances.


By participating in this ride you can help Hwange’s wildlife while at the same time enjoying the privilege of riding in one of Africa’s great wildlife areas.  Participants are encouraged to raise as much sponsorship as possible for this worthwhile cause.  WEZ is also involved in many other projects and activities – please speak to Colin, Pam or Adele if you would like to know more.  Annual membership fees are $50 per family and membership forms will be available at the ride.



We hope this will prove to be an enjoyable and social weekend in the Park for the whole family.  On both Friday and Saturday the rides should be finished by 2 p.m. allowing ample time for a game drive.  On Friday the drive back from Ngweshla will take at least one and a half hours.  However the game viewing around Ngweshla and along the Kennedy vlei is amongst the best there is in the Main Camp area and participants and their supporters may want to consider remaining in the area at the end of this ride or lingering over the return trip.  While the Day 2 ride should be finished by 2 p.m. on Saturday we hope everyone will stay on for the prize giving in the evening, returning to their homes at their leisure on Sunday.  Meals can be purchased for non-participants (but please book in advance), and the prize giving on Saturday promises to be a lot of fun.

Families are welcome to join the cyclists for lunch at Ngweshla at the end of the first day’s ride and to collect cyclists and their bikes for the return trip to Main Camp.  However for the sake of both cyclists and wildlife we would like to keep the number of vehicles on the cycle route to a minimum and ask that supporters consider using the alternate, longer (70km) route to Ngweshla via Jambile and Manga.  This also makes a nice circular drive through the Park.  People who feel they must follow the ride will be expected to remain behind the last escort vehicle.  However there should be no need for vehicles to follow – the escort vehicles will help any rider in need of assistance, or pick up any rider who for whatever reason has to retire from the ride.  Families wanting to meet up with the cyclists en route may do this at the water points.  The water point on Day 1 will be at Kennedy 1 picnic site; the water point for Day 2 will be confirmed at the briefing.  Relay teams may only change over at designated points.


Parks rules and regulations must be observed at all times; these rules include:

  • Do not travel or sit in the back of an open vehicle
  • Do not discard litter
  • Do not exceed the speed limit
  • Do not get out of your car other than at designated points such as picnic sites

The only exceptions to these rules will apply to cyclists riding in escorted groups or traveling in escort vehicles.  Contravention of these rules may jeopardize future rides.



The route for Day 1 will be our ‘stock route’ from Main Camp to Ngweshla – a distance of 55km.  The route for Day 2 has yet to be confirmed but will be another 45 – 55km.  The ground is generally flat.  For the most part riding will be done on gravel roads – there are some areas of soft, shallow sand, some rocky sections and some corrugations.  While this is a social ride participants need to do some off road training in preparation for the ride.



PLEASE NOTE: Participants are required to make their own arrangements with regard to accommodation.


Parks accommodation can be booked at the Parks offices in Bulawayo (15th Avenue between Main and Fort Streets) or Harare.


To assist you with planning and costing your trip, listed below are current Parks rates in US dollars.  Lodges/cottages/chalets charges are per unit, camping charges and entry fees are per person.  Local charges are for Zimbabwean residents, regional charges are for visitors from neighbouring SADC countries.  You will be expected to show an ID to prove your residency.


Local Charge                 Regional Charge

Lodge 2 beds                                    50                                 75

Lodge 4 beds                                    75                                 100

Cottage 2 beds                      40                                 60

Cottage 4 beds                      50                                 75

Chalet 2 beds                         20                                 35

Chalet 4 beds                         40                                 60

Camping                                10                                 15

Entry fee                                5                                  15

Vehicle entry                          5                                  15


A lodge has its own bathroom and kitchen, a cottage has its own bathroom but communal kitchen, a chalet has no kitchen and communal bathroom.  There are 2 and 4 bed units of each type.  With the exception of camping, the charges given above are per unit, not person.  Over 60s receive a 50% discount, children under six enter a no charge, children’s rates apply for those between 6 and 12 years old.


The restaurant and the shop at Main Camp are open and are being operated by Parks.  The shop is well stocked with basic requirements.  The bar and restaurant are providing a good service, however they do not keep large stocks of perishable goods and anyone wanting to have a meal at the restaurant on Thursday or Friday evening is advised to book in advance, either directly with the staff at Main Camp or through the ride organizers.  The garage at Main Camp is open and every effort will be made to ensure that sufficient fuel is available to meet the needs of participants.  Fuel should also be available at Dete, Hwange Safari Lodge and Halfway House.


Participants must pay Parks entry fees on arrival at Main Camp.


Accommodation costs and Parks entry fees are not covered by the ride entry fee.


The distance from Bulawayo to Main Camp is 290km.


Please appreciate that the month of July is probably the coldest month of the year in Hwange and while the days are superb nights can be extremely cold.  Gear yourself accordingly.



Ride Organising Committee:

Colin Gillies

Adele Edwards

Pam Birch

Mark Green

Rose Green

Colin Smith

Peter Ziz

From: Dave Dell david.dell@strachans.co.zw