ebenezerFrom the “gutter most” to the uttermost!

We are some weeks into 2013 now – and to all of you who didn’t receive our Christmas edition, we would like to say a very blessed 2013 filled with God’s love and protection and all His abounding blessings! The Lord’s gracious hand has continued to be with us up until now, and we are assured of His unfailing love throughout this year too, as we endeavour to walk in His ways! Ebenezer has continued to extend love and compassion to the most needy children in Livingstone, offering them not just a home, but the best home we can, the best opportunities we can, the best education we can, the best health programs we can, the best environment we can…………….yes, the best of everything, so that they may know that someone poured out their best, even when life dealt them with cruel blows! 4 year old Best and baby Amos were brought to us from the streets early last year, by a group of Social workers who found them with a street woman who were crazy in her head. The pavement was their home; they were weather beaten, in rags, very hungry, very dirty and wild! I looked at them and bit my lips unable to contain my emotions; the baby was howling and Best looked like he was unsure of himself, should he run away or stay? Then finally I said to him, “the baby will stay with us!” “If my brother is staying I am staying………” he finally declared in his street-kid manners! “We would love you both to stay” I kindly said to him and he agreed to that. After a good old hot-water bath (something he might have never had) and some fresh clothes, he was ready to join the others. His mannerism and language shocked the other toddlers who by now had learnt good behaviour and good manners.

They tried to correct him, and show him good manners, and it finally got too much for him and he headed for the door! It was locked of course, we never take chances with kids, but finally we all had to pitch in and ask the others to give Best plenty of time to change and to accept him as he was for now.

And Best took a long time to change indeed! Each time I passed by the Toddlers, they all came rushing out to me speaking one to the dozen –“Best did that………….Best said this………….Best is naughty……….he doesn’t know manners…………..doesn’t say thank you” Poor little Best was overwhelmed to hear these endless accusations, but with a lot of tender love and understanding the little fellow began to change. As for Amos he cried that whole night and the next and the next!!!!  But he too slowly began to accept the home and his lovely cot. He had never slept in one before; he had never sucked from a bottle either! But change came more easily for Amos, and he too began to enjoy his babyhood with toys and other baby friends in the home! Today Amos is a smart toddler and Best is a lovely little boy, very lovable and having good manners, he is in School too and tries very hard in all his work.

How your support keeps us growing :

Ebenezer has over 50 children such as Best and Amos in Nakatindi Children’s Village and 323 orphan and vulnerable children in our School. Each one’s story is more heart-rending than the other, each one has a horrible tale of woe, but the GOOD NEWS is that by the Grace and Love of God, Ebenezer is making a huge difference in the lives of these children!

Their lives have changed, their destiny has changed, their environment has changed and their outlook to life is also changing from gloom and hopelessness – to hope, dignity and stability!  One day these will be important men and women in society, able to contribute more to society and bring stability to their homes and country. All this is possible because you were there to help us! Your support and help have gone a very long way to make these kids what they are today. All your gifts, shoes and clothes have enriched our children, and now they have dignity, they know the value of education and they can look forward to a bright future.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My Staff and children join me in saying “Thank you and we appreciate you very much.” God bless you and enjoy a year with God’s blessings   – Ranji

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