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17 January 2013

It hopes to create 4000 direct, and more than 8000 indirect jobs
Government is planning the massive movement of water from the Chobe/Zambezi system with the objective of establishing a “viable  commercial agricultural  development which will improve Botswana’s food security, diversify agriculture, meaningfully contribute to the country’s GDP and create employment”.

It hopes to create 4,000 direct jobs and expects total employment to more than double when indirect employment throughout the country is included.

A total of 495 million cubic metres per year will be extracted from the river system;  about 150 cubic metres will be used by the national water authority and the remaining 345 million cubic metres will be used for the proposed agricultural project, to be located west of the existing Pandamatenga commercial farms, about 110 south of Kazungula.
The total project area is expected to be  about 45,000 hectares, with an irrigable area of about 35,000Ha; it will include roads, drainage and auxiliary infrastructure.

The government had resquested an expression of intererest through an advertisement in the Government Gazette for consultancy services fora feasibility study for the Chobe irririgation project, to develop bankable business plans and recommend financing options, different implementation models, size and types of agricultural  operations, among other things.