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Dear Supporters

Firstly, we would like to thank our supporters and followers for such incredible support, which is so very crucial to our efforts in fighting poachers and their criminal ways. I cannot emphasise enough just how important it is for us to ALL stand together to fight poaching in all its forms. The increase in poaching is currently highlighted with the tragic plight of the rhinos and the increase in elephant poaching, but we must remain committed to the cause no matter what.

I pay tribute to all the dedicated Game Scouts who are out there every day throughout our region, risking a great deal to save our wildlife.

Please refer to a break-down of statistics for the year listed below. Should you require any additional or more detailed information, please contact me on the contacts listed above.

Thanks also to National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Victoria Falls Municipal Police and the Tourism Police.


Snares located: 270
Persons apprehended within National Park estate: 282 – (11 x mammal poachers, 20 x illegal miners, 215 x wood poachers, 7 x Illegal vendors, 19 x fish poachers, 10 grass cutters)
Mammals darted: 6 (2 x warthog, 2 x waterbuck, 2 x buffalo)
Mammals poached: 17 (5 x impala, 4 x warthog, 3 x kudu, 4 x buffalo, 1 x elephant)