8 December2012

SOUTH African consultants hired to design a marketing plan for the promotion of Livingstone tourism will soon publish a book on tourism products.

The consultants will also film various products in Zambia’s tourist capital.

Livingstone Tourism Association (LTA) chairperson Kingsley Lilamono said in an interview that the book would be distributed in Zambia and South Africa.

He said the consultants, The Journey, from Cape Town were expected to start filming various tourism products in Livingstone in January next year so that the city’s tourism products could be marketed in South Africa.

LTA participated in a two-day tourism training workshop for tourism operators and members of the business community, which ended on Thursday.

Tourism experts from the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries of the Netherlands facilitated the workshop.

Mr Lilamono said the marketing plan for the promotion of Livingstone tourism was sponsored by the European Union at a cost of 130, 000 Euros.

“We have already started implementing the marketing plan designed by South African consultants and we will soon have a book on Livingstone tourism products.

“There is also another aspect of free filming of Livingstone tourism products which will happen in early January 2013. After filming, the consultants will showcase our products on South African television for free,” Mr Lilamono said.

He urged the Zambia Wildlife Authority and National Heritage Conservation Commission to consider waiving filming fees as the project would benefit Livingstone and Zambia at large.

Mr Lilamono said some Zambian tour operators lacked a marketing edge in their business.

He said the workshop for tour operators was appropriate as it would sharpen skills among them ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation general assembly