Natural World: Victoria Falls: The Smoke That Thunders – This BBC documentary film not only talks about the beauty of Victoria Falls but also tells some of its shortcomings. The falls is located between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is only a mile wide but no one can match its charisma and charm.

The Zambezi River, neighbor of Victoria Falls, is commonly known as river of life among South Africans but living near this river is not as comfortable as it appears. Rainy season is the most deadly season at the Zambezi River for animals and human beings. At extreme circumstances, almost 300,000 gallons of water falls every second from the falls.

In spite of so many dangers and vulnerabilities, this place is home to many birds, reptiles, fish and mammals. In fact people have spent their whole life here, there are many stories that they can tell of changing seasons and moods of river.

The dry season is the one that is ideal for life near Victoria Falls and Zambezi River. As the sun keeps shining sharply, the water level stays down and one can see grass-covered island above the falls. Families of elephant travel usually in this season. Bee eaters and pied kingfishers dig out their nest. Fish eagles tell their children about hunting and hippos enjoy bathing in water. All these are the gift of dry weather here.

But the gift stays for not a long period and again cloud gather in the sky and water in river and Victoria Falls make many animals to leave the place for a while. And then finally comes the rainy season, which exposes the Victoria Falls and that is the time when one can see its beauty at peak.

The BBC documentary film covers all the seasons beautifully and focuses mainly on rainy season as it is where the beauty lies. Nature always attracts and just viewing beautiful nature can make you happy and maybe take you away from the real world for a while.