Newsletter no 5

5th October, 2012.

Chamabonda Section

No 1 pan holding water well, but it was noted that not much seen coming down to drink during the day – the resident sable, zebra, giraffe have not been seen at the water all month. Have had the pan checked by Parks scouts a couple of times but no sign of poaching detected – am not sure of reliability of this though. The sable herd has reappeared once but seems to be short of five out of the thirteen animals, including the big bull! Elephant and buffalo have started using the pan daily of late. I will continue to monitor and see if there is any way to get a grip on the situation.

No2 – no progress here

No 3 – sable, eland and zebra seen here the whole time, plus elephant, kudu etc also drinking here.  The pan does not hold water well and we have been offered a dam scoop to put more clay down as a sealant. Thanks again to Mike Karasellos for keeping an eye on this pan.

The grass which greened after the burn has now wilted, but the grass on the mowed areas is greening up, and holding the game.

Still planning on use of grader for the roads, but have been busy this month and did not have the time. The solar units are still on offer and are being followed up – hopefully both here within a month.

Zambezi Section

Still a worrying lack of game in the western section, and believe poaching from Zambia a real problem. Parks are unfortunately unable to handle this problem, and , again, will have to seek an alternative solution to protecting the wildlife here. Am still working on getting radios here, but we need trained scouts first, as the current scouts do not have the necessary ability required to contain the poaching.


I have not been collecting diesel over the last two months as Clidder Mining from Hwange has supplied (many thanks!!). What I will be asking is cash in lieu, to buy radios for parks, belts, filters, oil, etc and for the pipeline to run to Sable pan. I will be catching up with you all some time over the next month!!!