We specialize in weddings and other special occasions. We make to order and will blend colours to enhance existing décor. The wonderful hues and aspects of Africa are our inspiration and we have a large “Ethnic” range. All candles are hand made, decorated and scented with citronella oil.

CLEAR-GLO CANDLES was started by Claire Truscott as a home industry in 1998. Claire started making Christmas candles for her own enjoyment as she found she could not buy “Art” candles in Zambia.

Eventually friends started buying the products – and it developed from there. The candle studio is situated on a farm in the Kalomo district, in the southern province of Zambia.

Claire went on a number of courses in South Africa under the tutelage of a well known Swiss candlemaker.

In November, 2000, her first ton of Chinese paraffin candle wax was imported from South Africa, as she felt the need to expand. Since then her dreams have been realized and it has become a full time business, employing 3 Zambian ladies.

A number of Hotels and Lodges in Livingstone use the candles.
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