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Ngoma Safari Lodge (Chobe Park, Botswana) has been endorsed as the perfect honeymoon spot….once….twice…thrice! Maybe the Guinness Book of Records will be interested in this, but last night in the luxury eight-suite lodge there were THREE honeymoon couples. And all were part of a group of 14 Italians all having a massive celebration.

Our congratulations and thanks to them for choosing Ngoma. Housekeeping ran bubble baths for the happy couples to enjoy after their day in the park witnessing a fantastic array of wildlife; champagne was served with dinner and the village choir serenaded the newly-weds after dinner.

Our guest book is filled with comments….in Italian, so we shall have to find a translator! However, one Italian wrote in English: “Part of our heart will remain here…thank you to all the staff.”

Today, 14 September, two UK guests will visit the Veekuhane Cultural festival in nearby Kavimba. The villagers have sent our lodge a formal invitation….manager Cathy Rann looks forward to reporting tomorrow on what they experienced there!