1st  September, 2012

Chamabonda Section

No 1 waterpoint is holding well with reduced pumping, saving on diesel. Has sable, eland, kudu buffalo, elephant, zebra, giraffe, etc  drinking there. A serval seen hunting here.

No 2 borehole – no progress, but it is planned this month to free the pump which is stuck in the hole, and start renovating the borehole

No 3 borehole – Mike Karasellos has been looking after this. The pan is finally holding a small amount of water, but we need to re-seal this pan. Various options being looked at. Over 60 sable, zebra, lion, elephant, buffalo, hyena, kudu all recorded drinking here

The vlei has greened up a bit after the fire, with the sable and zebra in particular benefitting

The platform at No 3 was burnt in the fire, but the basic structure is still sound, and can be repaired. A project to be taken on by a group of volunteers??

Mike has secured the use of a motorised grader from Khanondo Safaris, and Bhejane Trust has diesel available from Clidder Mining, so we hope this month to do the roads and firebreaks in the Chamabonda.

We have also found an old well (filled in) , with a drinking trough and pan, 2,3 km down the vlei from No3. This we have named as Sable Pan. We would like to run a pipeline down here from No 3, and are looking at ways to raise funding.

We have an offer to install a revolutionary new type of solar powered pump at No1, as a demo model, which we are following up on this month. This would save all the pumping costs, and be a big plus.


Poaching experienced along the river frontage from Zambians, which includes groups crossing though to go to Sinamatella/Robins. In coordination with “Skippy “ Kanengoni (the Parks Wildlife Officer), and Charles Brightman from VFAPU, efforts were made to sort the Zambians out, unfortunately so far unsuccessful, but still ongoing. On going out, it was apparent the Parks staff are enthusiastic, but are hampered by lack of training, and equipment – they had no radio’s so comms between the stop groups was non existent, and they still have not received their boots for this year! We will look at raising funds for them

We have been offered waterbuck, wildebeest, impala and zebra free from Bubye Conservancy ( Charles Davy), to restock the Park ( depleted in 2008), but need to cover capture and transport costs. We are working on possible donor support.

Thanks to all those who have helped over the past month, and to Skippy and her crew for the great cooperation.  We are getting the Park back to where it used to be!!

Thus, we are looking at trying to raise funds for:

1)      National parks patrols – 6 x handheld radio’s and 3 GPS’s  – approx $1500

2)      Sable Pan – 3,4 km of piping, plus laying – estimated cost $ 6000


Any donations, bright ideas gratefully accepted!!!


If anyone has information, anecdotes, etc they might want circulated, please feel free to email me.