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29 August 2012

SPORTS Minister Chishimba Kambwili has said construction of a modern stadium in Livingstone will start in January 2013 once all formalities are completed.
The Minister said the Livingstone Stadium will be similar to the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium and the New Lusaka Stadium, currently under construction, only it will be smaller.
He said the only difference is that the Livingstone Stadium will have a sitting capacity of 30,000, while the Levy Mwanawasa has a capacity of 40,100 and the New Lusaka stadium is expected to seat 50,000 spectators.
Kambwili, who was speaking in Livingstone at the weekend, also said one of the reasons he visited the tourist capital was to identify land where a modern stadium would be constructed.
“We will build a modern stadium in Livingstone like the one in Ndola. The only difference is that the Livingstone stadium will have a capacity of hosting 30,000 people, while Levy Mwanawasa Stadium capacity is 40,000.
Otherwise the designs of the two stadiums will be the same. If we will have different designs, we will need different people to maintain and hence it’s easier to train people to maintain the same designs,” he said.
He said President, Michael Sata gave a directive when he officially opened the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola early this year that each one of the 10 provinces should have a modern stadium.
Kambwili said the state-of-the -art stadium in Livingstone would be constructed in time for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to be co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe from August 24 to 29.
On the poor state of Maramba Stadium in Livingstone, Kambwili said he was not impressed with its condition and has since directed the Provincial Sports coordinator, Director of Sports, Bernard Nakachinda and Livingstone City Council to immediately rehabilitate the stadium.
“What I saw at Maramba Stadium is pathetic to say the least. I can’t imagine the previous Government went to watch soccer at Maramba Stadium.
It is unbelievable that a tourism capital which is supposed to have a better stadium can have such a pathetic facility. We have to do something to change the status of Maramba Stadium,” he said.
Kambwili said when he went to watch football at Maramba Stadium, he was given a table and a chair for him to watch from saying that was unacceptable.
“We need terraces in the VIP and grandstand. I won’t allow that kind of a scenario, we have to look for money within the savings of the Ministry to improve the stadium.
I have directed that we find money immediately to put up a dressing room at the stadium, supposing a riot erupted at the stadium, where will the players go to?” he said.
Kambwili appealed to the provincial administration and Livingstone City Council to do something, saying time for relaxing in offices was long gone with  the previous administration.
“This Government won’t allow laziness, most civil servants have an I don’t care type of attitude because they know their salary will come at the end of the month.
What has happened at Maramba Stadium is sheer negligence by people in charge of the stadium (Livingstone City Council),” he said. / Times of Zambia