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By : Roberta Katunga

11 August 2012

KARIBA will this month host its first business exhibition and tourism show where companies will showcase their products and services in a bid to facilitate business growth through networking as well as restrategising the town’s tourism product ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly next year.

The business expo and tourism show will be held from 31 August to 2 September at the Mopani Bay Campsite under the theme “creating a network for the future”.

In an interview with the organisers, Safecan Holdings chief executive officer Mr Maxwell Kanhema said they were emphasing the need to create networks and synergies in business.

“We want to create a link between Kariba based businesses and those from out of the town as well as promote green tourism and the role of the arts in promoting tourism,” said Mr Kanhema.

He said it was also their objective to locate Kariba within the national tourism marketing strategy.

“We will host a Kariba business investment indaba which will focus on the overview of doing business in Kariba and a Travel and Tourism Indaba which will focus on                 restrategising and relaunching our tourism product ahead of the 2013 world conference,” he said.

According to the organisers a number of companies from the town will be exhibiting and these include engineering companies, house boats, tour operators, carpentry and companies that deal with the service industry.

Mr Kanhema said other organisations from Harare like Toyota and Dunlop have already confirmed their participation and they are currently working on the exhibition stands.

“Toyota will be offering a free vehicle diagnosis during the expo and Dunlop will be showcasing a variety of tyres. We have invited a number of ministries, authorities and quasi government organisations as well,” he said.

Speaking on the benefits of the expo to Kariba, Mr Kanhema said the expected influx of existing and potential investors will see Kariba moving forward and allow the town to take stock of its previous actions as well as be able to look into the future with increased focus.

He said they were placing emphasis on green tourism as this is bound to increase their rating by those very particular about nature and local companies will learn a great  deal from those coming down to sell or exhibit their products.

He said exhibitors also stood a chance to meet with both existing and potential business partners.

“Exhibitors will benefit from networking and get increased visibility and it is a chance for them to meet potential investors,” he said.

A number of sectors and towns have held business expos as a means to spearhead development and encourage business interaction.