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11 July 2012

Zimbabwe won against Tunisia 30 to 14 and Uganda against Kenya 21 to 19 during the 2012 Africa Cup Division 1A semi-finals that took place on 10 July in Jemmel, Tunisia.

The 2012 Africa Cup will therefore bring together on Saturday 14 July, Uganda to Zimbabwe.

Match at 18:00 GMT. Beforehand (16:00 GMT), Tunisia and Kenya (title holder) will play their ranking match. The loser will be relegated to Division 1B next season.

Report from Dominus Sport :

Sables off to a Winning Start in Tunisia

The Zimbabwe Sables, the national representative rugby team, got off to a successful start oftheirAfricaGroup1. A tournament in Tunisia, triumphing over the hosts by 30–‐14. The Sables were promoted to this competition after an unbeaten season in 2011 and drawn against the North African side who had a number of players who ply their trade in Europe.

Feedback from Tunisia suggested the performance was a spirited team effort, with the Sables coming together well as a team. The result of this game means the Zimbabwe national team will play Uganda on Saturday (14thJuly) in a chance to win the tournament.

This result ensured that the Sables remain on course to qualify for the Rugby World Cup in England in 2015, as the team retain a place in the Africa Group 1A tournament next year. If the Sables can win the tournament  in 2013 they will qualify to the big guest event in World Rugby in 2015.

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