The Zambezi River in Zambia Photographer: OARS


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2 July 2012


If you plan to get out in an inflatable this season, you’re probably going to have a great time regardless of what body of water you’re cruising. But if you’re looking for the biggest thrills and the most excitement, consider this your go-to list.


Short of measuring the size of every wave, it’s impossible to create an empirical list of the world’s best whitewater. In addition to the water itself, we looked at the quality of the company and the immeasurable awe, like how many grizzlies you might encounter along the shoreline. Be prepared to grumble: A few “iconic” rivers didn’t make the cut. But one thing is for certain: All 10 will rock your raft—and your world.

10. Tatshenshini River, British Columbia
9. Lochsa River, Idaho
8. Alsek River, British Columbia
7. Paro Chhu River, Bhutan
6. Futaleufu River, Chile
5. Zambezi River, Zambia
4. Colorado River, Arizona
3. Drigung Chu River, Tibet
2. Rio Cotahuasi River, Peru
1. Franklin River, Tasmania