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By : Roberta Katunga

30 June 2012

THE Victoria Falls Bungee Company is going to offer lunar bungee jumps at the Victoria Falls Bridge in a bid to raise funds for charities in both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The jumps will be on 3 July, a day of full moon from  6-9pm.

According to a company representative, this is the first one of its kind and the company is overwhelmed by inquiries from all over the world who would like to take part in the event.

“World history will be made by daring men and women, both young and old who will brave the night and join the heroes on this famous bridge to take part in this historic event,” said the representative.

The representative who spoke on condition of anonymity said the event will cost US$30 per bungee and the selected charities include Rose of Charity in Zimbabwe and Overland Missions in Zambia.

“The proceeds of the jump are going to be used for the benefit of a few selected charities in both Zimbabwe and Zambia,” he said.

The event that has been dubbed “Full moon madness charity bonanza night,” is set to attract tourists from all over the world with the organisers urging the participants to “Dive into the darkness”.

The bungee jump is an estimated 111 metres.

Shearwater Adventures spokesperson Mr Clement Mukwasi said some tourists were going to combine the activity with a lunar tour of the rain forest.

“Each full moon, the Victoria Falls rainforest re-opens in the evening for special tours to witness the mystical magic of the lunar rainbow — spray and cloud permitting,” he said.

The lunar rainbow or “moonbow” is created as light is refracted by water particles in the air, ever-present from the spray of the Falls and the best times of seeing it are the night before, night of and night after the Full Moon, when the moon is at its brightest.

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority calendar listed 2-4 July as open for lunar rainbow tours.