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Below is a brief summary of the  envisaged Kariba Business and Tourism Show/ Exhibition to be held at Mopani Bay  Camping Site, Kariba.   31 August to 2 September 2012. 


Kariba  Business exhibition



  • Facilitate Business Growth through networking
  • Create a link between Kariba based businesses and those from out of the town
  • Locating Kariba within the national Tourism Marketing Strategy
  • Promote Green Tourism
  • Encourage environmentally friendly business and leisure practices
  • Create a linkage between Kariba and the rest of the world
  • Explore business and investment opportunities in Kariba
  • Explore the HIV AIDS Matrix in Kariba
  • Role of the arts in promoting Tourism
  • technological advances in Marine engineering over the years


  • Kariba Business and Investment Indaba ( overview on doing business in Kariba)
  • Travel and Tourism Indaba ( Re-strategising and Re-launching our Tourism Product ahead of the 2013 World Conference)
  • exhibition Stands
  • Boat Displays and other displays
  • live performances (Various arts)
  • children’s entertainment and displays 
  • Awards Giving Ceremony


  • Mopani Bay Caravan and Campsite


– The expected media coverage before, during and after the event will put Kariba on the national and international Map.

– the expected influx of existing and potential investors will see Kariba moving forward

– allows the town to take stock of its previous actions as well as be able to look into the future with increased focus

– emphasis on green Tourism will increase our rating by those very particular about nature vis a vis tourism.

– local companies will get to learn a great  deal from those coming down to sell or exhibit their products

– Authorities and Government Departments will get a chance to make their operations known to the people.


– Networking opportunity

– chance to meet with both existing and potential business partners

–  allows interaction which enables informed decision making on issues such as business partners, industry to invest in, etc

— opportunity to get feedback from clients and potential clients

– increased visibility due to media coverage and influx of people

– presence of policy makers will impact  positively on those present

– increased sales due to easy access to potential market

– chance to combine business and leisure

– those from out of Kariba will get to sample our Tourism Products

– entertainment-filled evenings

we are open to ideas and suggestions as we move towards the main event and will be more than eager to have partners on board.


Proposed Dates 31 August – 2 September 2012

Proposed Venue – Mopani Bay Caravan and Campsite.


your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Maxton Kanhema  0774 734 066 CEO and Founder Safecan Holdings Kariba

Forgive  0774 410 079  Marketing