(Friends of Victoria Falls)


                Just a quick update on what is happening in the Park.

No 1 borehole in the Chamabonda has now reached the full width of the pan, and is now filling up ( see attached photo). This is more then we managed last year and is a result of the pan now sealing. Also, we have reduced water loss from the troughs by sealing them. The wildlife is already starting to use the pan, including sable, elephant, buffalo, zebra, kudu and giraffe. We expect this waterhole to be busy in the coming dry season.

I went in with Zinwa to pull up and refurbish No2 and No3 mono pumps. They have already refurbished No 1 borehole pump at a cost $181, which was paid for Bhejane Trust ( Trevor). No 2 pump got stuck in the hole near the top and we could not get it out – will go out with a pressure hose and clear the mud which is jamming it. No 3 was pulled up and the problem discovered – it is only a BH15 pump – very small and not suitable. There was no point in putting the pump back so we needed to get a bigger pump – a 30 or a 50. Craig White and Wild Horisons came to the fore and donated a brand new BH50!! Will get it installed this week. Wilderness Safaris and Ron Goatley have bought a new diesel engine and we will install it at No 3.  With a new pump and engine, we should soon have plenty water there.

We are short on promised diesel for the month, with Ian Gloss (100l), Alison (20) Trevor (40) and Jono Hudson – VFSL (40). A real save has been Jet A1 from Glen Maroney at Zambezi Helicopters – he has supplied about 180l this month which we mix with the diesel. However, we need more diesel ( containers are at my office) and promises will be carried over into next month!! Cash in lieu of diesel will also be accepted to buy some tools, stabilisers, bobbins, etc  and tidy up the pump houses

Please remember any newcomers welcome, and suggestions, ideas, etc!!