One of the Zambezi Airlines flight at Kempton in South Africa

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17 June 2012

ZAMBEZI Airlines will re-start operations on their regional flights on Sunday, June 17, 2012.

Zambezi Airline’s Country manager for South Africa Michael Mujajati said the Airline had learnt its lesson and would do its utmost best to stay on the market.

He said the company had resolved all the safety issues which were raised by Zambia Civil Aviation Authority.

Mujajati said the first flight will depart South Africa’s Oliver Tambo International Airport for Lusaka at 15:00 hours; and the same plane would depart for Harare, Zimbabwe on Tuesday at 07:00 hours and connect to Dar es Salaam at 10:00 hours.

He said Zambezi Airlines will initially begin their operations with one plane, a CR J 200, sourced from South African Express, with two backup planes.

Mujajati said maintenance works for the aircraft would be done by South Africa Express at Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

“We feel happy that finally we are back. We have learnt our lessons where we went wrong. We need to make sure we are now back to stay. It’s a 50-seater plane we shall be using being that the plane is cost efficient in terms of fuel,” Mujajati said. “We shall be using a 50-seater plane so that our load factor is 40 passengers. Those days we were carrying 90 passengers, but now we want to start on a small considering that we might have lost half of our market after the suspension.”

Mujajati said the Airline will start operations with market penetrating fairs of US$190 on a one-way flight between Johannesburg and Lusaka and US$443 for a return ticket on the same route.

He said a one-way ticket from Johannesburg to Ndola would cost US$200 with the return one costing US$468.

Mujajati said there were also plans to fly tourists directly into Livingstone during United Nations World Tourism Organization General Assembly (UN-WTO) which will be co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe in August next year.