By : Pride Gonde
12 June 2012
A Victoria Falls woman was trampled to death by an elephant on Sunday. Parks and Wildlife Management Authority public relations manager Caroline Washaya-Moyo confirmed the incident saying it took place in a bush between Mkhosana suburb and the Victoria Falls-Hwange road around 10pm.

“Investigations reveal that residents in Mkhosana suburb heard the woman scream for help and a passersby discovered her body at around 6am today (yesterday),” said Washaya-Moyo.

Residents suspect the giant animals have strayed back into the suburbs in numbers after the authority had successfully driven them away.

Washaya –Moyo said her organisation suspects that bull elephants were being enticed into the communities by fruits and vegetables.
The authority is running an awareness campaign programme educating communities on how to interpret wildlife behaviour.

The programme began on May 14 and is targeted at all schools in the Victoria Falls Community.

“The Authority urges the public not to travel at night and to quickly report the presence of wildlife in their areas to the nearest parks office or the police,” Washaya-Moyo said. “The public is also encouraged not to attack, feed or provoke wild animals as they get easily irritated.”