Dear all,

I am delighted to inform you that as part of the research project into the ecology and behaviour of leopard in the Marula area of Zimbabwe another young male leopard has been fitted with a GPS collar. This is a key age group in terms of understanding how best to manage populations as a whole and we hope to get at least 2 years of data from him.

However, this will depend on whether he is hunted. If possible we are asking all hunters in the area to try not to hunt a leopard they see with a collar. He is likely to range widely so the area involved could extend into Figtree and the lower part of Mangwe.

If he is hunted we request that the collar be returned so that we can download the data.

Yours sincerely

Dr Netty Purchase ( on behalf of the Marula leopard project)

Dr Gianetta (Netty) Purchase

Lead Coordinator – Range wide programme for conservation


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