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31 May 2012

Lake Harvest Aquaculture (LHA) plans to add 1 300 new jobs at its Kariba operation this year following a $8 million capital injection by the African Development Bank (AfDB), an official has said.
Lake Harvest was established in 1997 and produces tilapia fish for the European and Southern Africa markets.
LHA programme officer, Mr Garikaimose Tongowona said the major benefit of the project was job creation.
“The major socio-economic benefit of the LHA project is employment creation especially in Kariba. Lake Harvest is currently employing about 700 people and the workforce is projected to increase to 2 000 in the long run.
“This will significantly reduce unemployment in Kariba which has a population of between 16 000 and 20 000 with a high unemployment rate,” he said.
He said additional employment would also be created through industries that provide support to LHA’s operations.
“In an area where exploitation of the fishery resources is one of the principal employment sources (other than tourism), expansion of aquaculture activities will play a significant social role,” Mr Tongowona said.
“These include service industries such as fuel suppliers, feed transporters, metal fabrication companies (boat repairs) and fish distributors. Employment will also be created for the feed input suppliers, especially the maize and soya bean farmers.”
LHA is expected to produce 20 000 tonnes of fish annually by 2015, including fresh and frozen products.
The company’s current tilapia output stands at 2 500 tonnes a year. The company is targeting African markets, and Zimbabwe is expected to take up 37 percent of future production.