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GACHE GACHE LODGE – WEPU (Wildlife Environment Protection Unit) would like to thank the latest donors to our Antipoaching team…

First a very big thank you to young Alec Havercroft, only 12 years old who went out of his way and managed to raise some money that he split between us and another anti-poaching team.  Very impressive Alec, you can be proud!

Nick Havercroft, thanks for the enthusiasm shown in what we are trying to achieve, your very generous donation of radios is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to help us achieve our goal which is to protect the wildlife, fish and environment for your children and their children in turn to enjoy in future years.

Another cash donation came in from Technosphere Energy Saervices. This is also very much appreciated, thanks very much.

Huge thanks also goes to RAM PETROLEUM for their very generous monthly donation that they have just put on place. If anyone else out there would like to contribute please contact:

Without people like this, we could not hope to achieve anything at all.