Victoria Falls Bridge, Victoria Falls

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By : Isdore Guvamombe

19 May 2012

PRESIDENT Mugabe and his Zambian counterpart Michael Sata have been appointed United Nations international tourism ambassadors in recognition of the promotion and development of tourism. In an interview yesterday on the sidelines of the African Tourism Association congress, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi, said the UN through the United Nations World Tourism Organisation will officially confer the status to the two presidents at a function to be held in Victoria Falls next week and officiated by the UNWTO secretary general Mr Talib Rifai.

Minister Mzembi said the two presidents would sign the golden book of tourism, exclusively signed by heads of states and government who host the UNWTO.

The signing will take place on No-Man’s- Land on the legendary Victoria Falls Bridge. “The signing will be on May 28. The two leaders have shown that tourism is critical to the development of Africa by naming it among the four pillars of economic development.

“It is this recognition that has made UNWTO confer this status on them,” said Minister Mzembi. Minister Mzembi also said the two presidents would append their signatures to a Memorandum of Understanding on the co-hosting of the UNWTO, which will be witnessed by UNWTO Secretary General on May 28.

Minister Mzembi also briefed Vice President Joice Mujuru on the preparations for the signing ceremony. VP Mujuru later toured the signing ceremony venue.