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By : Sam Phiri

8 May 2012

Monday IT’S no longer a secret that Zambia’s most happening and unforgettable artiste, Mampi, is leading the Zambia’s representation as a VIP contestant in the dramatic season seven of Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Star Game.

Mampi was ushered into the house during a live and colourful grand opening ceremony held at Sasani Studios in South Africa on Sunday night with USA rapper J-Cole spicing up the event with three of his hottest and latest hits.

Clad in beautiful Zambian regalia with a full Zambian flag neatly tagged on the outfit, Mampi wowed the audience as she took a step forward for an interview with the show host, IK, but crossed her lips with the forefinger giving the Donchi Kubebe sign.

She is in Upville House aiming to grab the ultimate prize and invest heavily in the entertainment industry.

Zambia has also ushered in a pair of sisters Tamara and Taila as its preferred dynamic duo whose fame is yet to be determined by how long they stay in this seemingly highly contested house.

The two say their winning strategy is to have no strategy at all.

Mampi is battling it out with other contestants from Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

With a new format that sees contestants doubling up to play, Zambia is one of the seven countries that has ushered in three contestants in the 91 day super-series.

But as usual, Big Brother, never short of surprises pulled a fast one on the contestants in the Downville house (house of pairs) as he randomly nominated two countries, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, putting them up for possible eviction next Sunday even before their character is well established.

Great drama is looming large as the participants eyes are set on winning the grand prize of US$300,000.