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10 May 2012

South Africa Airways has the most flights which land on the Harare International Airport according to figures from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe

The Jo’burg-Harare plane has 18 weekly frequencies. The Jo’burg-Vic Falls flies 7 times per week. In total there are 9 airlines, which land on the airport. These are South African Airways, Kenya Airways which has 11 weekly flights, Air Botswana at 3, and Ethiopian Airways, which has 7 flights, the same as BA Comair. BA Comair also has the same number of flights to Vic Falls from Jo’burg. Air Namibia is set to commence this month but the airline already lands in Victoria Falls 4 times a week.

South African Airlink has a weekly frequency of 11. It also has 7 Jo’Burg to Bulawao flights and TAAG flies from Luanda to Harare once a week. The Emirates has 5 weekly Harare-Dubai flights while Zambezi Airlines is set to restart in this month.