United Nations World Tourism Organisation

From : Newsday.co.zw

By : Tarisai Tahungai
7 May 2012
The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) director technical co-operation and services is in the country on a mission to assist Zimbabwe in creating a tourism satellite account (TSA) and the tourism master plan (TMP).

Tourism and Hospitality minister Walter Mzembi said the account would assist in capturing all the revenues accruing to the tourism sector and its contribution to the economy.

“We have a problem in capturing all the income that will have come through the tourism various operators,” said Mzembi. “Most of what we earn is not well recognised and therefore we end up with a lower Budget allocation,” said Mzembi.

Mzembi said the aim of the TSA was help the tourism sector manage its cash flow while the TMP will seek to embrace and address many tourism concepts in the country.

“We have agreed that we must unveil the master plan in 2013 at the UNWTO General Assembly,” said Mzembi.

He said the country would continue to engage other ministries to ensure the projects were funded.

UNWTO director (technical cooperation and services), Harsha Varma, said the TSA was going to bring support for the tourism sector.

Varma said the TSA was particularly important saying once established it would bring out the real significance of tourism to the country’s economy.

“In many Southern African countries and even in developed countries not enough importance was being given to the strategy,” said Varma.

He said tourism was a strong engine for the social economy of a country.

Varma said the formulation of a TMP for Zimbabwe would help in the achievement of a planned, systematic development of the country’s economy.

“We want to achieve a field of sustainable development in countries like Zimbabwe through natural environment or economic environment,” he said.

Varma said the TSA would be ready in the next two to three years.

“The master plan should be a Bible for development to be followed by government, ministers, companies and many other sectors.”