FILE: Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister Given Lubinda talks to Maureen Mwanawasa

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1 May 2012

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Given Lubinda has said more Israel investors will now consider Zambia as a favorable investment destination in Africa with support that country’s government.

This has come as a result of the Israel government through the Israel foreign trade risk insurance corporation’s zeal to support investors with investments in different sectors in the Zambian economy.

The Israel foreign trade risk insurance corporation is a government owned insurance company that provides insurance to Israel investors and exporters working in the international market.

Mr. Lubinda noted that the ministry of foreign affairs and tourism,through the honorary consul of the republic of Zambia to the state of Israel, Ronit Hershkovitz will continue to promote Zambia as a preferred destination for Israel foreign investment and tourism.

Mr. Lubinda said that Zambia as one of the destinations for insurance coverage will allow greater confidence and participation of Israel investors in the growing economy of Zambia.

He said that currently, Israel investors in Zambia are involved in the development of various sectors of the economy including infrastructure development, information communication technology, education and agriculture.

He said that Zambia and Israel have enjoyed a warm and lasting relationship dating back to the 1960s and added that Israel investors have always been a part of the development of the Zambian economy.

Mr Lubinda said that Zambia has the potential for investment due to the favorable investment climate and incentives with natural resources.

He has since urged Israel investors to come and invest in Zambia.